Johnny Mambo started playing congas with his dad’s band at the age of 8 years old. At the age of 21, he met someone who was a huge influential figure, Mr. Eddie Iglesias (his music angel). Eddie was a well-known trombonist and singer in the salsa genre circle. Eddie inspired Johnny to live his dream. Johnny’s dream was to become a musician and to become a band leader.

Johnny has been influential to play Bongo by many Percussionists, like Charlie Salinas, Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez, Willie Moreno
, Jimmy Delgado, Yusnier Sanchez Bustamante, Jesse ‘Timbalon” Perez, George Delgado, Orlando Vega, Wilmer Vega, & many more.

In 2005, Johnny Mambo formed his band, now known as Johnny Mambo & Friends. Johnny Mambo & Friends has had the pleasure of performing in many venues in New York, New Jersey, PA & Connecticut, etc. over the years including for Carnegie Hall City Wid
e. Since 2018, Johnny Mambo has a weekly residency & performs every Saturday Brunch at Made in Puerto Rico, in the Bronx.

Johnny Mambo & Friends is a band that performs for the audience: the dancers, the salsa lovers, the jammers. They consistently project a high energy performance on stage which transcends into the crowd.  Their love for the art and passion for the beat allow them to connect with their audience and create a setting unlimited fun and fusion.

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