Gilberto Velazquez “Don Sonero”

Gilberto Velazquez “Don Sonero”


Don Sonero is a lead singer/sonero gifted with the voice and talent that is lifting the genera of Salsa to a new level. He is a lyricist, composer whose original music is a throwback to the past with a fresh, new, modern feel that adds innovative hooks and rhythms and has social messages.

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Gilberto Velazquez was raised in the South Bronx, New York. By age 14, he had started singing Latin music professionally, his first gig as a corista for Fania legend, Pete”El Conde” Rodriguez. Since then he has worked as a vocalist with over fifty different artists including … Eddie Palmieri, Oscar de Leon, Cano Estremera and Andy Montanez.

He is one of the top young lead singers/soneros of the moment, having front-lined in a multitude of Salsa and Charanga bands, including Orquesta Broadway and Son Sublime, on whose album, “Bailando Con Son Sublime”, Gilberto is the featured lead singer. From 2007 – 2010, Gilberto was part of the Salsa Dura band La Excelencia. He has currently has a new single out called “Casi Casi Perfecto”

Visit Don Sonero’s Youtube videos Click Here

Click Here is a live performance of Don Sonero Signing with Johnny Mambo & Friends

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